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Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, RJA is one of the top financial services of choice in its field. RJA provides a comprehensive range of financial services: financial analysis of business to business payment processing, full financial snap-shot of at risk clients, complete process evaluation, and unparalleled financial recovery services focused on maximum debt recovery with minimum loss-mitigation.

At RJA we understand that there are many stages to the financial recovery process. Companies need a low-cost solution with a high rate of return that fits their specific needs. RJA and Associates can help you in all three areas of your AR portfolio. Your 0-60 aged receivables (green stoplight), 60-120 receivables (yellow stoplight) and receivables aged over 120 days (red stoplight).

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The unmistakeable quality of RJA services is best put to use in every avenue of your financial recovery process. However, with our team of professional collectors and nationwide coalition of private investigators RJA will minimize losses on even the toughest accounts.

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For your credit limited customers we provide free process evaluations, Client/Debtor Background checks, and viable workable solutions that keep your customer where they belong, with you.

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For your valued customers that effect your bottom-line we provide free analysis of any business to business transaction processed within 24-hours. That can retain clients and save your company thousands or more per year in fees alone.

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